September 4, 2004. Bella Luna Restaurant, 7:15pm
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Bugsy's Ready
Bugsy wants to know what he's supposed to be doing

Cheryl & Chad
Cousins Cheryl & Chad await

Mark & Courtney
They're waiting too

Courtney & Julia

Aunt Betty & Uncle Randolph

Brad & Alyssa

Jeff & Jennifer

Uncle Dalt & Aunt Sheila

Aunt Judy, Cousin Bill & Uncle Billie

Courtney & Julia

Jeff & Jennifer
They're so photogenic!

Courtney & Mark

Cheryl & Chad

Mark & Judy

gettin started
we're gettin ready to start the ceremony

Us & Mom
almost time!

Saying Vows
We had our ceremony on Bella Luna's

Saying vows 2

Saying Vows 3

Saying Vows 4
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