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Here are few articles and tutorials I've written over the years. Some of this info is very old so it's primarily for amusement and historical value
These documents were all written either with the old linuxdoc-sgml tools or with the DocBook SGML DTD and associated tools and info found at So they are basically in the standard Linux HOWTO format.

  • TCP/IP class -- (in progress)
    Document I am writing with Barry McCormick for the NOLUG for a 3 part TCP/IP networking with *nix class we are going to be teaching starting in September 2000. Since it is in progress, pieces are missing and editing needs to be done; suggestions are always welcome.
  • Adventures in Commercial Tech Support -- February 5, 1998
    Back then I was doing on-site tech support as a side job. I often had to deal with vendor tech support departments. At the time Linux took a lot of flack for having supposed poor tech support. This little story was an attempt to refute that common wisdom of the time.
  • I was a Teen-aged Computer Geek -- December 10, 1997
    How I got into this. Back in the days of Atari's Commodore's and Apple ]['s, I was the very definition of the computer-obsessed geek. My subsequent efforts to squash this tendency inevitably failed and I now find myself selling my skills as a professional computer geek.

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