I don’t have enough outrage to go around

I really don’t. I’ve been trying to keep up. There’s just so darn much. The crime, the mayor, the congress, the insurance companies, the Corps, the education system, the New Orleans haters … it’s all too much. I just don’t have that much anger to give. And I’ve been too darn busy. It’s easier just to let it ride, because the next hit is coming round the bend anyway.

Furthermore, all this mixes in with genuine joy of having a new house that I can finally share with friends and family. This weekend marked the start of our first Mardi Gras in our new house, so close to the parade route. My 87 year old grandmother saw her first Orleans Parish parade in years. We did our seventh Barkus in a row yesterday and this year we had Callie back in the mix too. (pictures here and here)

I’ll let T-P columnist Lolis Eric Elie speak for me this morning in his must read column in the Washington Post. I’ll post an alternative link as soon as one appears since Washington Post articles go subscriber-only after a couple of days.

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