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Scott Harney

Husband, Dad, New Orleanian, Old School Geek, Lover of Food & Music, Enjoyer of Life, Consulting Systems Engineer at RoundTower Technologies

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Automating Nutanix Prism VMs

My goal is to explore the Nutanix APIs provided by Prism and Acropolos Hypervisor and automate deployment of AHV virtual machines.



In the past we’ve been out of town for 8/29. Not this year. The coverage and discussions have been impossible to avoid. The memories and emotions of those ...

Document as You Go

One habit I strongly recommend to tech practitioners is to document as you go. The usual habit is to try and document everything after you’ve done a new task...

What I Do for a Living

So one of the most common questions I get from friends and family is "So what is it you do now?" Most of them know I changed jobs 6 months ago.

New Year, New Start With Jekyll

So it's a new year and time to make a new start on ye olde blog site. I last refreshed my design and tools around 2006. So why change now?